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How long will the paint last on the exterior of my home?

Indigo Painting warranties workmanship and product application for a period of 2 years as required by registrar of contractors. However, most exterior paint application will last 5 to 7 years (depending on extreme environmental conditions). Some people prefer to repaint in 3 years to avoid fading.

Why is the finish on my stained door failing (fading, peeling)?

Stained wood or fiberglass doors need to be maintained, Indigo recommends stained doors be re-sanded and re-finished every year at the very least every two years.

Why doesn't my paint look like the sample chip I chose?

All paint stores tint to match other manufacturers' colors, it is best to have the manufacturer whose color it is to provide the paint to get the best true color.

Why doesn't my paint touch up?

The paint used to touch up is old (left over from original painter), or paint is not stirred properly.

Interior lighting can dull the color from the original application.

Sunlight can fade the color of your exterior paint and sunlight coming from a window can fade the interior paint.

Sheen difference will make a difference in how the color looks a higher build (thickness) up of paint on the touched up area.

Why doesn't my stained handrail look like my front door?

Different species of wood will give a different color variation, Front door in Alder and Handrail is Maple.

Why is the exterior wood on my property cracked?

New exterior wood should be sealed within 72 hours (best case scenario), one week (worst case scenario), to prevent future cracking due to outside elements.

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